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Welcome to Foundation-1

In our first week we explored our new classroom and found lots of different things to do!

Autumn Walk

We went on an autumn walk around our school to hunt for signs of Autumn. We thought about what was happening to the trees and plants. We looked at the sky and talked about the weather. Then we tried to find different Autumn things such as yellow, red or orange leaves, seeds and berries.

Pumpkin soup


We read the story Pumpkin soup as part of our Autumn Topic. We thought about how a pumpkin grows, what it feels like, how it smells and what it looks like on the inside. We took turns to feel, smell and look inside the pumpkin and share our ideas. Then we decided to make our own pumpkin soup. We scooped out the seeds letting everyone have a turn. Mrs Jackson chopped the pumpkin, vegetables and added the water. Then we all took turns to stir the soup. We asked Sharon in the kitchen to cook the soup for us and later we all had a try. Did you like our soup?