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Welcome to the Acorns page!


We explored our new classroom when we first began school, we are the Acorns!

Our Autumn Hunt

We went outside to look for signs of autumn. We found different coloured leaves, different sized leaves and lots of other things such as potatoes and berries.

Getting Busy!

Now we are confident in our classroom we have begun to learn lots of things by ourselves. Some of us enjoy building while others like painting. We can use the computer and complete simple programs. We are able to cut and stick to create beautiful things. It's lots of fun in the Acorn class!

Pumpkin Soup!

Do you like pumpkin soup?

While learning about autumn we thought of all the different kind of food we eat in the autumn. We read the story 'Pumpkin Soup' and decided to make some of our own. First we looked at a pumpkin to see how big and heavy they are. Then we smelt it. Mrs Jackson cut the top off for us to look inside. Our next job was to scoop all of the seeds out of it. Then Mrs Jackson chopped it up for us, it felt 'slimy'! Then we added it to some onions and carrots and stirred in some water. We took it to Sharon and asked her to cook it for us. When it was ready we all sat together to taste our pumpkin soup.


Our Class bears; Fred, Ted and Ernest had their birthdays at school. They helped us to learn about celebrating birthdays and getting ready to Celebrate Jesus' Birthday at Christmas! We gave them a party by making decorations for our room, choosing some music for dancing and sharing cake together after singing 'Happy Birthday' to them.

Our Nursery Nativity

We put on a show of the story of Jesus' birth. We were very nervous but did our best to sing nicely and show our families how brave we are!

Welcome back to school!

We had a welcome back to school party when we came back from our Christmas holiday. We thought about what it is like to celebrate and learnt that there are lots of different things that we celebrate. So we decided to throw a 'welcome back to school' party to show everyone how happy we were to be back in the Acorn class. We invited different adults from around our school who help us as a way to show them that we are grateful for all of their help.

Winter and our Winter Wonderland Day!

We learnt all about winter. We thought about what the weather is like outside. We explored how snow and ice feel, how they melt and what you can make with them. We played in the snow, saved arctic animals from the ice and painted snowmen. We learnt about the things people do outside in winter and built a snowy area in our classroom for snow play. - BUT- We hadn't thought about what we do inside during the winter! So we decided to have a cosy day. We came to school in our pyjamas with our teddies and blankets. We had a cosy PE lesson in pyjamas and had hot buttered toast which we buttered ourselves. In the afternoon we made hot chocolate. When it was ready we all snuggled down with our teddies and blankets to listen to winter stories while we drank our hot chocolate with marshmallows!

The Gingerbread Man

We learnt the story of the gingerbread man. We read different versions of the story, acted it out with puppets and masks and began to read the story using a story map. We also made our own gingerbread men just like the little old lady to see what he would taste like. The fox thought he was yummy, did you?


We explored some of our instruments to see if we could tap out a beat. We sang songs and nursery rhymes and played games with the instruments too!

Getting busy

We have been learning lots of things through our independent play!