Welcome to Foundation Stage 2!!

In our first weeks at school we have been exploring our new classroom, making friends and learning all about ourselves.

All about me

We drew our first portraits and talked about ourselves, our names and our bodies. We've also been showing off our skills with work on our wow board.

Funny faces

We used the natural items in the atelier areas to make faces.

Our first days in Foundation 2.


Our Autumn newsletter


We are beginning to learn how to say, read and write our phase 2 sounds. Please see the video below on how to pronounce each sound.

Once the children are confident with recognising phase 2 sounds we move onto phase 3. Please see below for examples and pronunciation of these sounds.

Once the children are confident with some phase 2 sounds, they can start to blend the sounds together. Watch the video with your child to help.

We will also start to introduce tricky words later in the term. Watch these videos with your child to help.


In Literacy we focus on certain books each term. We work on the comprehension of the story they are listening to and answering who, what, why, when, how and what if questions. Watch the videos of the stories or if you have the book at home, encourage your child to retell the story using the pictures.

Autumn Term Books



In maths this term we are learning to count, recognise and order numbers to 10 and beyond. We are also naming and describing 2D shapes. We will learning to use postional words to describe where things are. Watch the videos below with your child to practise these.

F2 Spring Curriculum