Name Type Appointed Declared Interests
Mr Edward Hayes Chair of Governors 01/05/2015 - 30/04/19 Trust Board for Faith in Families Charity
Dr Rosemary Pye Vice Chair of the Governors 01/04/14 - 31/03/20 None
Mrs Katherine Hayles Headteacher 01/09/15 None
Fr John Lally Foundation - Chair of the Safeguarding Committee 01/09/11 - 31/08/19 None
Rev Seamus O'Looskan Foundation 01/12/18 - 30/11/22 None
Mr Maziano Guedes Parent Governor 08/10/18 - 07/10/22 None
Mrs Caroline Pinto Parent Governor 08/10/18 - 07/10/22 None


Any correspondence for the Chair of Governors should be addressed to:

Mr E Hayes, Chair of Governors, Sacred Heart Catholic Voluntary Academy, Mere Close, Leicester, LE5 3HH.


Governors who have served in the last 12 months but are no longer Governors:

Miss S Grove (Staff)

Mr N Navsariwala (Staff)

Mr Peter Sloan

Mr Patrick Murphy

Mrs J Barnacle

Mrs Judi Morris

Mr John Boynton

Deacon Bill Myers

Mrs J Jackson- Staff Governor

Mrs L Paris - Parent Governor


St Thomas Aquinas MAT Board Members

Neil Lockyer - Executive Head

Sarah Noon - Foundation Director

Phillip Bateman - Foundation Director

Ann Chukwudebe - Foundation Director

Michael Cummins - Foundation Director

John Daley - Foundation Director

Mary Delahunty - Foundation Director

Christopher Reynolds - Foundation Director

Terry Smith - Foundation Director

Brian Underwood - Foundation Director



Attendance record for the Governing body 

Full Governing Body meeting 5/10/17: EH, Fr. JL, RP, PS, SG, NN, PM, KH (Head), AJ (Deputy) SB, KS, HL (Assistant Heads) Jennie Barnacle (Clerk)

Head's Performance Management: RP, PM, KH (Head) and Mike Jeffries (Consultant)

Finance and Premises Committee 13/11/17: EH, KH (Head), Paula Cooper (Business Manager), Keri Harvey (Burser) 

Standards Committee 16/11/17: EH, RP, PS, KH (Head), KS, HL, AS (Assistant Heads), Jennie Barnacle (Clerk), Gerry Hirst (Trust Challenge Partner)

Catholic Life and Safeguarding Committee 16/11/17: PM, NN, Fr.JL, SG, AJ (Deputy), SB (Assistant Head), Pauline Cefai (Lead Practitioner)