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Phonics Tricky Words


Please click on this video link to learn more about tricky words and how you can help your child with their phonics.

Here is our Foundation 2 classroom

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What do we do at school each day?

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Helping your child to read at home

Guided Reading books

The children will have a reading book which they have read in their guided reading sessions during the week. In guided reading we look at segmenting and blending, characters in the book, comprehension of what the children are reading and discussing any words they may not be familiar with. At the end of the week the children will either take the book home or have an online version to read with parents/carers.

Story Book

The children will also have a story book for you to read to your child. This is an opportunity to enjoy a book together, talking about the pictures, predicting what will happen next and making the story engaging by doing different voices for the characters! We want the children to have a love of reading for life and reading stories to them is the start of this!

On Monday the guided reading book will be taken in but the children keep their story book.

Reading Diary

The children will have a red reading diary which is just a log of what books they have taken home. You will also have a bookmark which you can sign every time you read with your child at home. Once you have completed the bookmark, return it to school and it will go into a raffle with a chance of a prize for your child!

How to help your child read at home

Our power point slides and videos supporting your child and you to read at home

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The stages of how children learn to read

Stages Children Learn To Read

How graphemes (the written letter) and phonemes (the sound the letter makes) are taught at school

Phase 2- how to say the phonemes

These are the first set of phonemes we learn in Autumn 1 term

Practise together at home

Tricky words

Tricky words are words which we cannot segment and blend.

Sing the songs and help your child learn their tricky words to support their reading.

Phase 2 Tricky Words to learn autumn 1:




Phase 2- how to say the phonemes

These are the set of phonemes we learn in Autumn 2 term

Practise together at home

Phase 2 Tricky words to learn autumn 2:

put* pull* full* as and has his her go no to into she
push* he of we me be

Phase 3- how to say the phonemes

These are the set of phonemes we learn in Spring 1 term

Practise together at home

Tricky words to learn in Spring 1:

was   you   they   my   by   all   are  sure  pure

Tricky words to learn in Summer 1 and 2:

said    so   have   like   some   come   love   do   were   here
says     there    when   what   one   out   today  little

How we learn to blend at school

Practise blending at home, this can take time to master but reading everyday with your child will speed the process up.

Here is an example of a child segmenting and blending using a school reading book. Ask your child questions to make sure they understand what they are reading.

How to support your child with phonics and reading explained in Gujarati

Foundation 2 Curriculum Plans

What will my child be learning at school and when?

Our English learning is all based around quality texts……

Foundation 2 Texts

Foundation 2 Literacy Curriculum Plans

Foundation 2 Maths Curriculum Plans

Whole Year Curriculum Overview


The children have done some amazing singing and dancing for our Christmas performance. We hope you enjoy it. Have a lovely Christmas and New Year love from all of us in Foundation 2.

Thank you Sophie!

St Barnabas Library’s Spark artist in Residence Sophie Cullinan has given a  “gift” to the Foundation Stage 2 children at Sacred Heart Catholic Voluntary Academy. In the gold box is the book and exciting activities based on the story called ‘Moose’.

Sophie hopefully will come into school after Christmas for an amazing storytelling session. with the children. We look forward to this very much!

Photo Of Gifting