Sacred Heart

Catholic Voluntary Academy

01162 624418


Mere Close, Leicester, Leicestershire LE5 3HH


Senior Leadership Team



Kate Hayles

CLL team

Creative team

Deputy Head

Alison James -  SENDCo

PHSE team

Vulnerable groups team

 Assistant Head- P/T

 Hannah Lee - Year 5 - EAL - Upper KS2 Lead

Vulnerable groups team

Assistant Head-P/T

Kerry Sharpe - Data and Accountability - Year 1 - Pupil Premium Lead

Vulnerable groups team

Assistant Head

Anne Southall- Teaching and Curriculum Learning - Year 6

Maths team


Lead Practitioner

Stephanie Ong - Year 3 

CLL team

Creative team


Lead Practitioner

Pauline Cefai-Azzopardi - Year 4  RE Co-ordinator

PHSE team

Phase Leader

Clare Meehan - Year 2 - Higher Attaining Pupils & KS1 Lead

CLL team

Phase Leader

Marie Sexton- Year 1

Lower KS1 Lead 

Understanding the World team

Phase Leader

Suzanne Rummery 

CLL team

Early Years team







Class Teachers

Ben Ashenhurst - Year 5- Maths team/ Creative team

Nisar Navsariwala - Year 3- Understanding the World team/ Vulnerable groups team

Sarah Grove- Year 2- Understanding the World team

Vikki Forryan - Foundation 2- LAC pupils P/T Maths team/ Early Years team

Rita Khakhar- F2-  P/T Creative team

Justine Jackson - Foundation 1- Understanding the World team/ EYFS team/ Creative team

(Jenny Hall- Year 1- MAT Leave)

Sarah Boyd- Year 1- Vulnerable groups team

Bhumika Sharma- year 4 - Creative team

Laura Chapman- Year 6- PHSE team

Teaching Assistants

Ann Mann- TA/Lunchtime manager

Teresa McGirr- TA/Lunchtime manager

Yvonne Green - Behaviour Mentor - PHSE team

Mary Gopal - Behaviour Mentor KS1 and FS

Lesley Holford

Sandra James

Jayne Cunningham

Margaret Palmer

Mary Mulroe

Hilda Barrett

Margaret Ard

Louisa Dovey

Lesley Roadnight

Annabel Davey

Michelle Noronha- HLTA- Lay Chaplain

Cheryl Colaco- Lay Chaplain

Seema Chutani

Lalita Chauhan

Talia Kew-Moss

Cristina Guedes

Ethan Hayles

Shabina Pathan

Suzanne Creese

Alistair Piercy

Bev Whymant

Christina Moutter- HLTA

Marilyn Brakes

Celia Remedios

Karen Mendoca

Filomena Rodigues


School Social Worker

Louise Toon- PHSE team

Lay Chaplains

Michelle Noronha- PHSE team

Cheryl Colaco- PHSE team

Sports Coordinator

Nick Stovell - Understanding the World team


Admin Staff

Breda Breen

Clare Ellingworth

Gill Bond

Cheryl Colaco


Premises officer

Greg McFeeley

Premises Staff

Eva Makulova

Marilyn Brakes

Ethan Hayles

Jarod Gopal


Kitchen Staff

Sharon Herbert - Cook

Dawn Overthrow

Karen Lee

Catherine Baker


Lunchtime Supervisors

Maureen McKernon

Kelly Allen

Marilyn Brakes

IT Manager

Teemir Patel








We currently do not have any Trade Union Representatives at the school. Please follow the link to see DfE advice on Trade Union Facility Time