Sacred Heart's very own Ancient Egyptian Museum!

We are very proud of our year 5. They successfully turned our school hall into a wonderful museum celebrating all things Egyptian! The children completed homework projects, wrote newspaper reports, placed themselves in the shoes of Lord Carnarvon and Howard Carter and were extremely well behaved escorting parents around the museum. A MASSIVE thank you to all the parents who managed to come and support the children (you have no idea how much it meant to them). To those parents who due to work or other commitments and therefore could not attend, we do hope this slideshow will make you feel part of the experience. Well done year 5!

New Walk Museum - All things Egyptian!

Year 5 were very well behaved on their trip to the New Walk Museum as part of their history unit. They looked at ancient artifacts, studied mummies and sarcophagus' and even took part in a bit of role play and dressed up as the Ancient Egyptians. It was a fabulous day organised by the wonderful Mrs McMillan. The children hopefully gained lots of ideas ready for when they open up their own museum in school. Watch this space!

Autumn 1 and 2 Curriculum plans

Year 5 Spring 1 and 2 Curriculum Plan

We are scientists!

Year 5 were lucky enough to have some visitors from Leicester University come into school and teach them a science lesson. They had great fun looking through mircoscopes and discovering what it is like to view items in great detail. They also made their very own slides to take home. 

Our WW2 trip to Beaumanor Hall

Rowan had fun writing and practicing our performance poetry!

Leading our own Liturgies

our time in year 4

Year 4 had great fun at St Paul's school in May. We competed in the Toplinks festival and came second out of five schools! Look at some of the fun we had.....

In both Year 4 classes, we have been converting analogue to digital time and vice versa.....

In RE, Poplar class have been learning to give similar advice to St Paul's in his New Testament letters in order to resolve peer conflicts. The children enjoyed taking on the character of Paul in our role plays.....

 Shrove Tuesday