In the Advent term, we carried out pupil interviews with our highest ability pupils. This is what some of them had to say about how their teachers challenge them.


“I do the challenge and tricky challenge. I do this most days. A tricky challenge is harder than a normal challenge.I got a Superstar, you tried the challenge stamp on my work..”

Year 1 pupil


“We do hot work and greater depth. Its hard but we have a go.”

Year 2 pupil


” I know this is my best work because it was hot and I got it all done. I also did a reasoning challenge. I got a dojo.”

Year 5 pupil


“It was a challenge that Mrs S said the previous year 6 had never solved! I achieved it though. She wrote, “Beautifully explained. Great reasoning.”

Year 6 pupil


“We do hard work like subtraction with exchange. We do hot work and GD.”

Year 2 pupil


“We have mild, spicy and hot work. I always do hot. Hot people have more to do and it’s harder.”

Year 3 pupil


“The green table is the table that gets the hardest work, usually hot or mastery. We usually get challenged.”

Year 4 pupil



“We do spicy and hot work and mastery 1 and 2. Our table is clever and we do mainly hot and mastery.”

Year 4  pupil


“My teacher challenges me a lot! I get hot then challenge then mastery. She knows we’re really capable on the purple table.”

Year 4 pupil


“I did the hot, the challenge and the scorchio. It was all correct and all green apart from the prove it because I ran out of time.”

Year 6 pupil