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School Uniform


Some children will always try and push the boundaries when it comes to fashion styles and accessories. To save arguments, lines have to be drawn.


The following are some of the schools’ regulations regarding dress and general appearance. I am sure these will make life simpler for Children, Staff and Parents.


• Uniforms should be kept neat and tidy..

• Hair should be kept neat and tidy and must be of a normally acceptable style.

• Hair, if longer than collar length must be tied back -this is required for good hygiene and safety.

• Ear-rings, bracelets, rings etc... should not be worn.

• A wrist-watch to be worn at own risk.

• Make-up or nail polish is not allowed.

• Plain black trainers only to be worn

• Sensible shoes only to be worn - no high heels, platform soles or fashion shoes.


Please see your child’s teacher if you are unsure what is or

isn’t allowed. Just because one child is wearing something

different does not mean “everyone wears this” or that it would

be allowed for all children.

The Governors feel strongly that the wearing of a uniform encourages a sense of belonging and a community spirit within our school.

This can lead to children having a positive attitude to their work and progress.

A uniform can also reduce the material pressures that are placed on children to wear expensive “designer gear” for school.

This can save parents cost and aggravation in the morning.

Any combination of the following is acceptable:


Black trousers/ shorts/ skirt/pinafore or a red and white checked dress in the summer

Black sweatshirt with school badge

Black/ White socks/ tights

Black  shoes

Black Fleece

Coats are left in the cloakroom all day (and children do have a habit of losing them) so please do not send them in with designer ones which, if misplaced, will cause upset. 

A red and black tie may also be worn if you wish.

All children require a P.E. kit this consists of:

Black Shorts, white tee-shirt, plimsolls.

Please ensure ALL articles of clothing are marked with child’s name.