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2018/19 Curriculum Statement

At Sacred Heart we carefully design, plan and implement a curriculum which provides breadth for every pupil.

We believe that the mission of Sacred Heart Catholic Academy in educating children, is not simply to impart information or to provide training in skills intended to deliver some economic benefit to society; education is not and must never be considered as purely utilitarian. It is about forming the human person, equipping him or her to live life to the full – in short it is about imparting wisdom.

All teaching and learning is focused on the uniqueness of each person made in God’s image and likeness. Here is the development of understanding that God has placed a desire for happiness in every human person, and by God’s gifts of reason and free will, human beings are capable of knowing and choosing good and rejecting all that is wrong.

Through Christ the gift of eternal life is assured.  Love of neighbour involves respect for the religious beliefs of other people, particularly other Christians and the main world religions.  

Our Curriculum priorities are:

  1. Aspirations- we aim to provide experiences which show children the wider range of possibilities available for their future
  2. Initiative- we aim to offer experiences which help them to become independent and resourceful learners
  3. Environment- we aim to provide experiences which help our pupils to value God's creation, on a local and global level

We have embedded the wider curriculum so  that it meets the requirements of our children in the light of the latest National Curriculum review. This exciting development includes a computing curriculum Purple Mash that will integrate new technologies, programming and media into school life. Our curriculum continues to ensure that our children’s learning is both meaningful and benefits from a specific focus on the core.

Our wider curriculum is based around our Wordsmith English curriculum books. Children read the book in class and then complete lots of tasks which are linked to that theme.  This enables children to make sense of topic areas, science themes etc. Our maths curriculum is based around White Rose maths

Ultimately, we believe that Primary education is not just about targets and results in league tables, nor is it simply a preparatory step for secondary school; it is much more than that. As a school we believe that by developing skills, knowledge and attitudes, our children will become individuals, who can access and enjoy learning throughout their lives. We want children to have a memorable learning experience at Sacred Heart that encourages and inspires them to achieve their potential and fosters an attitude of “wanting to learn” as well as “needing to learn.”

To get a feel for the sorts of things your child will be learning this year, please click on the year group buttons or links below. As we build up this website further, there will be photographs too.

Foundation 1  /  Foundation 2  /  Year 1  /  Year 2  /  Year 3  /  Year 4  /  Year 5  /  Year 6 


Phonics at our school


At Sacred Heart we follow the Letters and Sounds phases for teaching phonics. We use phrases alongside each sound to help the children have a hook for learning each sound. Each phonic session revisits sounds which the children have previously learnt and then introduces the next sound in the phase they are working in. We follow a four part lessons; revisit and review, teach, practice and apply. Children are encouraged to practice and apply the new phonic skills they have learnt through both reading and writing words. Phonics sessions are discretely taught from Foundation 1 to year 2. When children are in year 3 on wards those who need support in this area will work in a phonics intervention to build on their knowledge and understanding from the previous key stage. 


We run parent workshops in Foundation Stage, where parents are given more information about what Phonics are and how it helps their child to develop their reading skills. In year 1 a parent workshop is run in the Autumn term to share information regarding the Phonics Screening Check that the children will take in the Summer term. We encourage children to use their phonics when reading both in school and at home. 

 The order that we teach phonics is attached below:


When your child starts in F1 or F2, you will have a chance to learn more about phonics teaching from their teacher. Please practice at home with them- children learn much quicker if this happens!


Reading at our school

Children are encouraged to love books and read for pleasure. With this in mind, children are given many opportunities throughout the day in which they can read, on their own, in a group or with the whole class. Reading at home is also crucial. 

This year, we have introduced the Accelerated Reader programme with years 2 to 6. With AR, children read a book and then take a comprehension quiz about it as soon as possible. This is all completed online and children are given regular feedback on how they have done. The programme also adds up how many words each child has read so far in the year. We have a competition ongoing where we are waiting for our first 'Word Millionaire' to emerge- this person will be taken to a book shop and will be allowed to choose books which reach up to the top of their leg!!!! It's all very exciting. 

I have attached the PowerPoint presentation, used in the 2 parent's meetings, for more information.  


Our first millionaire, Charity in year 5, is collecting her books on Monday 8th of April with Mrs Hayles and Mrs Ong!!! Pictures to follow....